Online Spanish lessons

Online Spanish lessons

Online 1:1 lessons

Online lessons customized according to the needs and goals of the student. They have a duration of 55 minutes. The lessons are complemented with tasks and activities in a virtual classroom. Days and time are to be agreed upon according to the availability of the teacher.

These lessons include:

✔️ Enrollment at any time of the year.
✔️ Free of charge interview to get to know each other.
✔️ Study material provided at no extra cost.
✔️ Approximately one hour of asynchronous work per week (varies according to the student's availability).
✔️ Lessons focused on what the student wants to improve or learn.
✔️ Possibility to reschedule one class per month with prior notice.

Meet the teacher 😊

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Number of lessons
1 lesson
25 USD / EUR
4 lessons
90 USD / EUR
8 lessons
160 USD / EUR

‼️ We also offer personalized lessons for children. Click on the link below to receive more info 👇